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Goblin - Profondo Rosso 3LP (Expanded And Complete Film Score)

Waxwork Records

Waxwork Records presents an expanded and definitive triple-LP release of the Profondo Rosso (Original Motion Picture Score). The ground-breaking film music for the 1975 Italian-giallo-horror film Profondo Rosso marks the first collaboration of many between famed visionary-director Dario Argento and the band Goblin.

Originally unable to acquire Pink Floyd to score the film, Argento discovered the synth-heavy progressive rock quartet that, at the time, featured the classic lineup of Morante, Simonetti, Pignatelli, and Martino. This collaboration proved fruitful and thus birthed the impending sonic landscape of numerous Argento written, directed, or produced classic horror films such as Suspiria, George A. Romero's Dawn Of The Dead, Tenebrae, and Phenomena.

Goblin's Profondo Rosso score is a mix of driving synth work, bass guitar, percussion, jazz, piano, organ, and sound effects. This eclectic blend of instruments with an attack by well-rounded musicians created a film-scoring style completely new to the world of horror movies, and arguably, cinema in general. The newly expanded triple-LP edition of Profondo Rosso features the complete original 1975 album by Goblin in addition to the complete alternate versions, instrumentals, original score music by Giorgio Gaslini, source music, and haunting sound effects.

• Expanded and complete film score
• Colored 180g vinyl 3LP-set
• Artwork by Italian illustration collective Malleus
• Triple gatefold jacket packaging

  1. Profondo Rosso
  2. Death Dies
  3. Mad Puppet
  4. Wild Session
  5. Deep Shadows
  6. School At Night
  7. Gianna
  8. Mad Puppet Laughs (Opening Intro)
  9. School At Night (Lullaby - Child Version)
  10. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Source #1)
  11. Profondo Rosso (Paura)
  12. Profondo Rosso (Paura #2)
  13. School At Night (Lullaby - Instrumental Version)
  14. Profondo Rosso (Paura #3)
  15. School At Night - Traccia 8
  16. Profondo Rosso (Paura #4)
  17. School At Night (#2)
  18. School At Night (School At Night - Celesta Version)
  19. Profondo Rosso (Paura #5)
  20. Gianna (#2)
  21. Death Dies (Film Version)
  22. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Flute)
  23. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Source #2)
  24. Deep Shadows (Film Version)
  25. Profondo Rosso (Paura #6)
  26. Death Dies (Film Version #2)
  27. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Source #3)
  28. Deep Shadows (Film Version #2)
  29. School At Night (Lullaby - Music Box Version)
  30. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Source #4)
  31. Deep Shadows (Film Version #3)
  32. Death Dies (Film Version #3)
  33. Profondo Rosso (Jazz Flute #2)
  34. School At Night (Lullaby - Echo Version)
  35. Profondo Rosso (Remix Version)
  36. Profondo Rosso (Original Sound Effect)


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