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The Cramps - Songs The Lord Taught Us LP

Drastic Plastic

The Cramps career has been the stuff of legend. Dangerously bizarre but most of all cool, The Cramps represent everything that is truly reprehensible about rock 'n' roll. Founding members Lux Interior (the psycho-sexual Elvis/Werewolf hybrid from hell) and guitar-slinging soul-mate Poison Ivy (the ultimate bad girl vixen) are the architects of a wicked sound that distills a cross of swamp water, moonshine and nitro down to a dangerous and unstable musical substance.

Their cultural impact has spawned a legion of devil cults and dance-floor catfights, and created in its wake a cavalcade of cave-stomping imitators. As punk rock pioneers in the late '70s, they cut their teeth on the stages of CBGB and Max's Kansas City and recorded their first record at Sam Phillips legendary Sun Studios, funded mainly by Ivy's income as a dominatrix in NYC. They coined the now popular term "psychobilly" on their 1976 gig posters and their hair-raising live performances were total, no-holds-barred rock 'n' roll assaults and total mayhem.

Drastic Plastic reissues the psychobilly legends' 1980 Illegal Records full-length debut, Songs The Lord Taught Us. The jacket reads "file under: sacred music" but only if one's definition includes the holy love of rockabilly sex-stomp, something which the Cramps fulfill in spades here. Four decades later, this album still drips with threat and desire, both a testament to the band's worth and Alex Chilton's just-right production!

• Vinyl LP reissue from Drastic Plastic
• Mastered for vinyl by Kevin Gray at Cohearant Audio
• Manufactured at Quality Record Pressing
• Faithful but updated rendering of original artwork


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