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Lizzy Borden - Deal With The Devil LP (Grey Marbled Vinyl)

Metal Blade

Since 1983, the name Lizzy Borden has been synonymous with heavy metal music of the highest caliber. 2000's Deal with the Devil served as the band's fifth full-length effort overall and first since 1989's Master of Disguise. A return to form for the band, the Metal Blades Records release boasts cover art by famed comic artist Tom McFarlane and notably contains two covers songs: "(This Ain't) The Summer Of Love" originally by Blue Öyster Cult and "Generation Landslide" by Alice Cooper. This 2021 colored vinyl LP reissue features the original artwork, with an insert and fold-out art poster.

  1. There Will Be Blood Tonight
  2. Hell is for Heroes
  3. Deal With the Devil
  4. Zanzibar
  5. Lovin' You is Murder
  6. We Only Come Out at Night
  7. Generation Landslide
  8. The World is Mine
  9. State and Pain
  10. (This Ain't) the Summer of Love
  11. Believe


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