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Mastodon - The Hunter Picture Disc LP


Picture Disc Pressing

The greatest metal band of their generation was on one hell of a roll when they issued The Hunter in 2011, capitalizing on the momentum of its two colossal predecessors Blood Mountain (2006) Crack the Skye (2009) with a Top 10 showing on the Billboard Top 200 and omnipresent appearances on Year End/Best Of critics' lists. Recorded with producer Mike Elizondo and named in honor of Brent Hinds' brother who died while hunting during the making of the album, Mastodon once again took a completely different tack and musical approach on this towering venture, but they did so boldly and with reckless abandon as heard on dynamic standouts like "Black Tongue," "Curl Of The Burl," "All the Heavy Lifting" and "The Hunter."


  1. Black Tongue
  2. Curl Of The Burl
  3. Blasteroid
  4. Stargasm
  5. Octopus Has No Friends
  6. All The Heavy Lifting
  7. The Hunter
  8. Dry Bone Valley
  9. Thickening
  10. Creature Lives
  11. Spectrelight
  12. Bedazzled Fingernails
  13. The Sparrow


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