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The Shins - Wincing The Night Away LP

Sub Pop

It could be said that the Shins third album, Wincing the Night Away is the most heavily anticipated record of 2007. Post Garden State notoriety, the band has reached beyond their indie-darling status to something approaching mainstream recognition.  

Recorded over time in James Mercers basement studio, Phil Eks Seattle digs, and in Oregon City with veteran engineer Joe Chiccarelli (Beck, U2) Wincing the Night Away is a whole new animal. It is the sound of a band growing up and out. Mercers infectious, indelible melodic style is still at the core, and unfaltering. But anything can happen around it and in this case, it does. Channeling a Morrissey vibe, Sea Legs pairs a hip-hop (yes, hip-hop) beat with lush melodic lines and searing guitars. Elsewhere the band toys with tweaked-out piano steeped in psychedelic strings (Red Rabbit); fractured synth samples (Spilt Needles); gauzy, arpeggiated keyboards cloaking thunderous anthems (Sleeping Lessons); and, taking cues from early Jesus and Mary Chain albums  sweeping,  fuzztoned epics (Phantom Limb). Finally, Turn on Me, Girl Sailor and Australia are the lilting, exhilarating, rollicking, rock-solid pop songs we've all come to covet from The Shins. 

1. Sleeping Lessons
2. Australia
3. Pam Berry
4. Phantom Limb
5. Sea Legs
6. Red Rabbits
7. Turn On Me
8. Black Wave
9. Spilt Needles
10. Girl Sailor
11. A Comet Appears


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