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Tricky with DJ Muggs And Grease - Juxtapose LP

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Tricky's 1999 album Juxtapose finds the eccentric English artist teaming up with Cypress Hill architect DJ Muggs and DMX producer, Grease on what is his most ambitious and eclectic set this side of Maxinquaye. The breakthrough release also finally exposed Tricky to mainstream American hip-hop audiences. Two tracks with DJ Muggs were issued as the only single: "For Real" ("Pop Muzik," a cover of the song by M) and the Japanese release ("Who"). "He's the Mark E Smith of washed-out industrial trip-hop, spewing garbled but sporadically brilliant verbiage, riding buckled rhythms which sound more like products of obsessive-compulsive mania than of programmed machinery" (NME).

  1. For Real
  2. Bom Bom Diggy
  3. Contradictive
  4. She Said
  5. I Like the Girls
  6. Hot Like A Sauna
  7. Call Me
  8. Wash My Soul
  9. Hot Like A Sauna (Metal Mix)
  10. Scrappy Love


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