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Tut - Preacher's Son LP

Vinyl Digital

Featuring Isaiah Rashad, Michael Da Vinci, Johnny Smathers, Angel Mae, Swayyvo and Taylor Freeman!

One of the best mixtapes in 2015 (Received a 7.3 rating from Pitchfork) finally on vinyl!

"Preacher’s Son is produced primarily by Ktoven and avoids common Southern rap styles (Snap or Swag) and trendy producers (Metro Boomin or Zaytoven). Ktoven creates lively and warm beats that recall when blues and funk were still embedded in Southern music's DNA, bringing to mind a time when hearing a horn section ("Hangin'") or a guitar ("Holy Water") was the norm, not an exception. The uniformity gives the tape a cumulative force, but some tracks towards the middle blend together as the style gets too comfortable within its own groove." Pitchfork


Fall Of Goliath
Corner Stories
Living On The Sun
Live From Chattanooga
Holy Water
Highs & Lows
Kairos (The Trip)
Kids These Days
Corner Stories Part 2
Bad Guys
Sunday Service


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